This log is from 03. September 2002. An idea Kaelic came with from another game
It has been edited slightly, removing addresses and complely unrelated things. Note that my editing may not be perfect, and that some unrelated or partly unrelated things might be left. I have tried my best to not cut out too much, and thereby might have left in more than necessary. :P
This is as seen from EdorFaus' viewpoint, with his local times of the day. Raw log file(ASCII)

[03:03] <Kaelic> EF: Have you heard of StarShatter?
[03:03] <EdorFaus> Kaelic: nope
[03:04] <EdorFaus> sounds like a weapon though, capable of shattering stars. so I guess it's the name of a game 
  or something?
[03:04] <EdorFaus> a ship in one, perhaps? or possibly something like that in a story?
[03:05] <Kaelic> I don't think it has anything to do with the story or ships
[03:05] <Kaelic> Its still in Beta stage, so it might when its released
[03:05] <EdorFaus> ok, so it's a game then?
[03:05] <Kaelic> But anyways, this game lets you pilot small fighters to large destroyers and it has this very 
  interesting feature I think would be perfect for SOAP
[03:06] <Kaelic> eh..long story
[03:07] <Kaelic> Anyways, each capital ship on SOAP will have subsystems that can take damage during a fight, a 
  ship should end up being disabled long before the hull actually falls to pieces, so to add to this, a ship 
  also has spare parts like power couplings, backup shield gens ect, a bunch actually
[03:07] <Kaelic> and when one system is destroyed or damaged you can opt to replace it or repair it, if you have 
  extras replacing might be fast
[03:07] <Kaelic> if you have none, repair is only option
[03:08] <EdorFaus> hmm.. yea... sounds nice
[03:08] <Kaelic> That way ships can maintain long away missions and keep up with their small skirmishes without 
  requiring dock at home
[03:08] <Kaelic> and of course it would take time to fix up systems
[03:08] <EdorFaus> ofcourse
[03:09] <Kaelic> just imagine a large ship maybe Destroyer or something getting beaten down by a group of 
  Frigates, so he makes a quick dive into a nebula to hide and repair until he has a chance to make a run for it
[03:09] <Kaelic> its almost a mini-game in itself
[03:09] <EdorFaus> heh yea
[03:11] <Kaelic> I guess there should be the option to let the AI Captain pick repairs, but you should still 
  have hands on orders if you choose :)
[03:12] <Heinz89> could you order replace and then repair?
[03:12] <Heinz89> so you have another part later?
[03:15] <Kaelic> Heinz: Thats a very good idea, I think that should go in too
[03:16] <Kaelic> it would be easy too, keep an inventory for each ship, if its damaged just make it like "Power 
  Cell - Damaged 20%" or something

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