[03:03] EF: Have you heard of StarShatter? [03:03] Kaelic: nope [03:04] sounds like a weapon though, capable of shattering stars. so I guess it's the name of a game or something? [03:04] a ship in one, perhaps? or possibly something like that in a story? [03:05] I don't think it has anything to do with the story or ships [03:05] Its still in Beta stage, so it might when its released [03:05] ok, so it's a game then? [03:05] But anyways, this game lets you pilot small fighters to large destroyers and it has this very interesting feature I think would be perfect for SOAP [03:06] eh..long story [03:07] Anyways, each capital ship on SOAP will have subsystems that can take damage during a fight, a ship should end up being disabled long before the hull actually falls to pieces, so to add to this, a ship also has spare parts like power couplings, backup shield gens ect, a bunch actually [03:07] and when one system is destroyed or damaged you can opt to replace it or repair it, if you have extras replacing might be fast [03:07] if you have none, repair is only option [03:08] hmm.. yea... sounds nice [03:08] That way ships can maintain long away missions and keep up with their small skirmishes without requiring dock at home [03:08] and of course it would take time to fix up systems [03:08] ofcourse [03:09] just imagine a large ship maybe Destroyer or something getting beaten down by a group of Frigates, so he makes a quick dive into a nebula to hide and repair until he has a chance to make a run for it [03:09] its almost a mini-game in itself [03:09] heh yea [03:11] I guess there should be the option to let the AI Captain pick repairs, but you should still have hands on orders if you choose :) [03:12] could you order replace and then repair? [03:12] so you have another part later? [03:15] Heinz: Thats a very good idea, I think that should go in too [03:16] it would be easy too, keep an inventory for each ship, if its damaged just make it like "Power Cell - Damaged 20%" or something