EdorFaus' art

Last updated: 17. Jan 2001 (creation)

This is my art. Well, whether it is art or not can be discussed. At least it is what I have made of drawing and similar that I found worth putting up here. Right now it is so little that I'll just include it right on this page, later I might move it to subpages. If I make any more of this that is worth it, that is. Well. Wether you like it or not, here it is. Click on the picture to get a bigger version.

This picture is a little weird. I got the idea while my little sister were doing English for school(it's not our mother tongue), she read aloud from one of the tasks; "Find the head and tail of the sentence." Hearing that gave me a mental picture of a sentence with a head and a tail(now *that* set me off laughing). I drew the picture, redrew the head a couple times(hard to get it right), and this is the result. Foxy Sentence. (203kb 200dpi)

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