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Welcome to's Windows Internet Technology Channel
Stick Death
riverwind's cyberlibrary
Acronym and abbreviation list
Obsolete Computer Museum
a s c i i . d y n e . o r g
Furry-lit Info Page
PythoNET.orG (monty python website thingy)
TSA-talk Info Page
Time Zone Converter - The Time Zone - What time is it in ___
Welcome to Animated Adult Cartoons Everyday!
W.I.T.C.H. på italiensk (
Postkort -

programming a.s

Assembler for PCs
x86 Assembly Language FAQ
Bob Stout's SNIPPETS
Welcome to QZx
DirectX Programming Emporium
the DirectX eXperience
Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
IETF Home Page
The Happy Hacker -- You Mean you Can Hack without Breaking the Law
SWAG - big archive of Pascal sources & units
Index of -~esi4161-files
Chris's Chamber ( Programming, Operating Systems, Graphics, Java and more!)
Art of Assembly Language
Windows API Guide_ Reference_ Functions
Beyond Logic
Welcome to Zeal SoftStudio
Modems, Modems, Modems - Welcome
About MIDI


The Mod Archive
Dorsola's Homepage (.MOD COLLECTION!!!!!!! ;)
Artwiz's Homepage - mods
Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5
Welcome! - Furry Music Foundation
vanBasco's MIDI Search


Mainpages & rares

Acid Reflux - Main Page - © 2000 Emily Bingham and Daniel Panamaroff
College Roomies from Hell!!! the daily online comic strip
Daily comic strip Elf Life by Carson Fire
Dilbert Zone - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!
goats the comic strip
Oren the Otter's The Changing Workplace
Ozy and Millie on the web
PB Galaxy - Online Comic Strip
Roomies! Things that defy definition.
Schlock Mercenary
Shifters© an On-line Comic By ShadowsMyst
The Cyantia Chronicles
Unlike Minerva -- flagrant abuse of decent artists
User Friendly the Comic Strip
Welcome to (cr0bar's bastardizations ++)
DeRaptor The Comic
(The Class Menagerie) Weekly strips and more - Daily Comic Strips, Archives and Merchandise
Time Wrinkle Mirror (209)

Faux Pas Weekly Archives
Alien Dice
User Friendly the Comic Strip - Cartoon Archive
Archives - College Roomies from Hell!!!
Kevin & Kell - Sunday (is done(mar1999))
(Campus Safari) The Cyantia Chronicles - Sci-fi Fantasy Anthromorphic Anime Comedy Adventure!
The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger)
(Satin & Silk) The Cyantia Chronicles - Sci-fi Fantasy Anthromorphic Anime Comedy Adventure!
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Safe Havens
Unlike Minerva -- Week 90
Newshounds - Comic for Tuesday, September 18, 2001
Clan of the Cats © 1999 Jamie Robertson
Zebra Girl Archives
RED MEAT . Meat Locker . luxuriant, deep-pile carpet bombing
Seattle Post-Intelligencer On the FastTrack
Penny Arcade - Brought to you by, um... You
Acid Reflux Archives - by Emily
Ozy and Millie by D.C. Simpson
The Wandering Ones
Kevin & Kell - September 19, 2001
EverSummer Eve
A Doemain of Our Own - Updated Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
Avalon - Comics for the week of Monday, June 25, 2001
Exploitation Now September.17.2001
Narbonic September 19, 2001
West Corner Of The Park
GPF Archive Monday, September 10, 2001
GPF Archive Tuesday, September 18, 2001
The Polymer City Chronicles archive
Chickweed Lane
Living in Greytown
(Sink or Swim) The Cyantia Chronicles - Sci-fi Fantasy Anthromorphic Anime Comedy Adventure!
Freefall 00537 September 7, 2001
Elf Life PG Archives - Monday, September 10, 2001
The Changing Workplace Archive (Bobsled team)
Absurd Notions
LCD Lowest Common Denominator, an online comic strip by Bryan M. Richter
Dela the Hooda Online Comic ( dela~328 C~52 )


official homepage of Free Games, Org. - over 500 freeware PC games to download - abandonware ;) - Your One And Only Stop For Freeware! - Welcome to the source for shareware, freeware and evaluation software.
The Gaming Archive - Free Classic Game Downloads! -
Gilles Vollant software
PowerLoad Home Page
M I S S I O N R E D . C O M

Sabrina (&friends)

The Foxx Den
Sabrina Online, the Comic Strip! (the current place, sabrina-online is the new one)
Dorsola's Homepage (Sabrina online archive) (fun comic strip)
ZZ Studios
The Foxx Den (mirror site) (Sabrina@Algonquin) (Max BlackRabbit's Sabrina strips)
The Foxx Den -- Gallery Page 23 (actually page 27...)
Sabrina Online on 7SC.COM
Sabrina Online Comic Strips (another place)
The Bolt Hole - home of Max Blackrabbit
Chris' Foxx Den
Identity Crisis-Arden's Story


Daniel's Toonvault ( Framed homepage )
Toon Zone


Mithandir's lair
Q's House of Blues (Hunter)
Roberts Heimeside
KJs homepage - StarGate INFININTY
Sector 47 (Coyote)
Orca's Ocean


Brendan's Furry Site
story from New Haven
The Winds of Change Archive
Mia's Main Index (of anthro stories)
The Winds of Change Round Robin Page
Linaale's Stories
STarling's STories
Inu Mep's furry stuff - The Story-- Part 1
deserthare's stories - Laraya's story +
Furry Stories and Poetry (more from deserthare)
Home page of Fox Cutter
TSA-Talk archives
Utopia Lost
The Chakat's Den - Anthropomorphic (furry) stories and art.
The Human Extinction Agency
Furrys and all that they do. (Shockwave's page)
The Panther's Den - Story Page - chap 1 done
WaterWings Testimonials
Witch Trial Archives
Otrstf's Slightly Better Looking Web Page (AFIS)
Star Dancer - By John R. Plunkett - ©2000 - Chapter 6 (v1.0.0)
Jason Lehrer's Main Page
The Stories of Brian W. Antoine (The Family nas Kan)
Metamor Keep Stories
The Belfry Webworks
LoveBear's Stories
Transformation Story Archive
Foxtrot's Collection of Kitsune Lore
Index (Mundementia One)
Stickmaker's Page
Wheel of Time FAQ
Watt-Evans's Laws of Fantasy
Jagg's Hodgepodge of Stuff! (WELCOME!)
Phaedrus' Small Collection of Stuff
Baen Free Library's Collaborative Story Center
The Temple of Luna (Gre7g 's page)
The Writings of Brian Eirik Coe
Avenger Horizon
WS Corwinda Bridge
Fiction Branches
Tales of form and function. Malform and Malfunction
A Centaur in a Human's World
Ed Becerra's page (Workbench)
No More Fakes_The Universe Guide
Welcome to Raven's Lair
Gravity Music Anthology
ValMouse's Stories
The Magical Land of Xanth
Husky's Home - Furry-Transformation Stories and Links
Welcome to CWTyger's Den
Cubist's TSA-ish website
(castlevania) Furry Web Directory Admin homepage
Michael Bard's Story Page
Otrstf's Slightly Better Looking Web Page
The Traveler


Practice IQ Test Prep Page
Crosswinds Join Us
Bill Kieffer Blurring the line between GIFTED and TWISTED every day... Splash Screen


Planetarion Manual
Welcome to Planetarion

Other This is rotten dot com
WWW.YFILES.COM ( The Y Files ) Personality tests and quotes
The Onion America's Finest News Source
allen kitchen's Bookmarks
Welcome to
#stars! stats from Silly!
AltaVista Translations
The Quotations Page
(funny pics) Index of -~jorn-fun-computers
Fun Links (Xodiac's)
Sondre`s elektronikk side
Bloomberg Online Currency calculator
Smiley Land
The Register - HomePage
MacquarieNet - Australia's leading online encyclopedia (oppslagsverk)
Connecting Private LANs to the Internet (November 26,2000)
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games - Word for the Wise
Hardware Bible 2000
Purity Tests
Index of -~u271200409-alien-drawings
Darkest Dreams - fantasy art, backgrounds and wallpaper
NASA Television
You Know You're a Redneck if...
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!

web stuff (ie HTML)

About IRC

Tech Support Guy IRC
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
Efnet Routing Secretary Page - Oper Myths
IRC Server Request FAQ
IRC The Net in Realtime
EFnet History
History of IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
Internet Relay Chat - German Web Pages
You might be addicted to IRC if...

Web Pages That Suck -- learn good Web design by looking at bad design
The World Wide Web Consortium
W3C HTML Validation Service
Introduction to HTML Table of Contents

Furries, TFs

The Underground Workshop Home Page
Furry Funnies Stand - TONS of links to furry strip sites
Homebase (of !BlackStripe's Den)
The Furry Code v1.3
-Mike's Road Rover Page!-
Miavir's Treasure Chest of assorted Furryness
FGC - A Furry Glossary
Renards Sans Frontieres (MayFurr's Home Page)
Undernet #TSA_list Channel Homepage
The TSA-talk Archives
Mintz'z World Home
Lazy Fox Studios World Domination Page
TransFUR - Image Archive
Voltron The Furred Dimension
FUR.COM Homepage
TSAT Transformation-related Stories, Art, and Talk
The California KitFox art archive - Main page.
skunkbomb hotline - art, fiction, and music
Blue Eyed Leopard's Lair Home
Index (ROBO's world)
(Amber M. Panyko) My World_ Beware the MOW's.....
Personal Page of Daniel Lin

AnyBrowser Pages
SAM System Availability Monitor (
The Gaming Archive - Prehistorik 1 + 2
eXpanium - MP3-CD Portable - homepage
Feedback from Hackers
Philips Norge - Presseinformasjon
Nanotech-article (from post on TSA-Talk)
SAM System Availability Monitor ( Pic o' the Day
Freak Aspect - Digital Photo Manipulations by Sideshow Lew
Logan's Modzer0 page
The Hypercube
The Wave Function of the Universe