About Me

Last update: 19. Sept 2002

Some hard facts:

 Full name  Frode Austvik
 Born  19. Feb 1983
 Current age, in years  41
 Home country  Norway
 Primary language,
 and mother's tongue
 Preferred language
 (at least on the computer)

Primary ways of contacting me:

 e-mail: edorfaus@hotmail.com
Nickname  EdorFaus
Channels#ScriptTester #Anime

My main interests are computers, programming (I do Delphi, VB, Pascal, assembler, BASIC, PHP, HTML, mIRC scripts, am just starting with C++, ...), reading (I prefer fantasy and sci-fi, but can read just about anything), anime, electronics and stuff that has to do with electricity(and static electricity too), music (primarily trance/dance/techno, but anything goes, I've even tried making some... results weren't any good tho). Often I mix these interests, and sometimes add in other aspects too. As an example of this, I have made a 7-armed light(the kind you put in windows at christmas) out of some LEDs(light emitting diodes, small electronic parts that give off light when they get power) and some LEGO, connected the whole thing to a PC, and made a program that makes the lights blink in a random pattern. I put some paper around the LEGO to make it look more like the ones you buy, and to hide the wires. Put the whole thing in the window, and at one time someone I had over visiting told me they had seen it through the window and thought I had made it out of one of those you buy... Obviously the paper disguise worked. :)
Nowadays I spend most of my spare time on the computer, and quite a bit of it is watching anime or reading manga. I have several of both that I really like.

On education; I'm currently in my first year of my bachelor's degree in computer science. I want to be a programmer. A professional one, not just on a hobby basis.

If you've got any comments, or for another reason need to contact me, send me an email or go on IRC.

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