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Last update: 16. May 2006

Welcome! Not much here yet, but I do have a few items available. More to come later.

Wow, almost 2 years since I last updated this place. Would have been 2 exactly in just 10 more days... I really need to be better with this...

Currently available subpages:

About me A little information about me, just in case you're interested...
MMOSG Log files of our(the planners/developers) discussions about the Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Game - also known as S.O.A.P.
School page A page made for a subject I have in school.
PHP playtesting Where I've been playing, experimenting, and testing out stuff with PHP and similar.
Old homepage My old homepage, getting quite old now, has some info about me and some programs I've made ages ago in several languages. Also has a mirror, which was it's original location(note: banners&popups on mirror).
microtime() results I did some testing on various method of converting the output of the PHP function microtime() into a numerical value instead of the string it comes as. These are the results.

Other pages I'm related to one way or another:

Freestars SourceForge project page for the FreeStars host program, which I'm trying to help development of(though I'm not as helpful as I'd like).
GStars! SourceForge project page for the GStars! client for FreeStars. Been trying to help out this one a bit too.

[2004-05-27] YAY!!! Someone figured it out!!!

Kaelic, a friend of mine on IRC, asked a chinese friend of his, and found out how it's pronounced for me. A heartfelt Thank You! to both. :D

Apparently, what I had heard was correct, as it does mean "Good Luck", like I thought. As for the pronounciation, they say it is pronounced Guht with a rising tone, and "It's just 'gut' but staccato".
So basically, say Gut very fast and sharp. (And yes, most of that is their words, though bits slightly paraphrased.)
Chinese 'Good Luck' symbol

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