This page is for my school. I'm currently in my first year of comp sci, and we were told to make a page for ourselves(while learning about the Internet, web, HTML, etc), so I made one. We got a place to put these pages, but we had to use frontpage to upload to it... And since I do *not* like frontpage(I make my pages in notepad), I just put a placeholder page with a link and a meta refresh to this page. Besides, here I can use PHP, which I couldn't there.

Anyway, not much here(yet), but you could take a look at my homepage in the meantime.
Please note that I haven't gotten around to making a real design on my homepage yet, so it's mainly links to the subpages... Which aren't too much themselves. :P
I really should get around to doing some work on my pages. Ahwell.

My school (Norwegian)

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