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Last update: 24. September 2001

18 Oct 2002: Ok, change of heart, this is the new "real" main page while the "real address" mentioned below is what is the mirror. Note that that address only has this old stuff, while my new "real" page will get updates. No updates for this page. It might even be completely removed soon.

27 Jan 2002: Ok, now, this is just an upload of a slightly older version of my site than what is on the real address for my homepage. Just put here as a mirror - not edited in the slightly except this notice - so there are some things that probably doesn't work/fit very well, such as the small text on the top of this page and the text on the bottom that was supposed to have a counter. That was specific to the old host though. I'll be making my own(with php) for the new one.

OK, I'm back. Sorry for the downtime, but my files suddenly disappeared. I had to grab my backup and upload it. My counter is reset too. :/ But at least I'm back up. I'll update this page fairly soon now, I've got some changes to make. For now though, the original page follows below.

This page will hold several things... but; no frames(I hate those... makes everything so complicated...), not many pictures embedded in the pages (there are exceptions to this; i.e. the links page), and the pages might have rather different design... I base my designs mostly on functionality, looks and consistency come second(and third)... most of them should look rather similar though.
I'm putting several things here(as I said earlier), but there are pages I haven't uploaded yet... Because I haven't made them yet... Those pages will have "links" that aren't really links(can't be clicked). But, the fact that the link is there in the first place means that the page will come up eventually... So if you're interested in it, come back and try again later! (and if you find a link that *is* a link, but does not work, please email me and tell me... so that I can fix it)

I've put some great stuff here at this very page - you should check it out. That's my opinion at least. At the bottom I have included links to various stuff - amongst them a link to my links page and one to my programs(I am a programmer - in my spare time :) ), and to my art.. er... drawings a.s.

I'm a huge Sabrina Online fan - if you haven't already seen it, you should! Sabrina Online is what made me hooked on furry (anthropomorphic) things in the first place, from the first time I saw it I loved it! Sabrina is a skunkette - but I think you should go through the strips to get the story... so I won't tell you any more than that. I even made a mirror archive for it since I loved it so much... But, unfortunately, I ran out of web space... I don't like saying this, but I've had to take down the archive. That doesn't change how much I like the strip though. :) Sabrina Online is so great, that it actually is number one on the Global100 top 100 home pages list! Go there and vote for it you too!(remember to login - that way your vote is worth more) :) The author of Sabrina Online is Eric Schwartz (E.S. Productions).

From Sabrina Online I found a link to The FOXX Den - the page of Chris Yost(/Foxx), another huge fan of Sabrina Online. He's written a story about Sabrina(not the same timeline as the strip), called "Sabrina Online the Story". It is fan fiction - but darned good fan fic! It could just as easily have been on its own(I'm glad it isn't though)... The story is just as great as Sabrina Online is - and I'm just as hooked on it as I am with the strip. The fact that it is great is shown clearly by several things... i.e. that he got over 35 000 hits in a month(I think it was... my memory's not really good), and that he's on 2nd place in the Global100 Top 100 Home Pages list...
Chris has also got a story about Tabitha, Sabrina's little sister. It takes place in the future(well, the not-too-distant future), Tabitha is a grown woman that works on a secret project. Here, Sabrina has died in an accident, but Tabitha has some plans... You should read that one as well, I think. These stories are so much better than I can explain... I've never been very good with words... :/

Max Blackrabbit has created the character ZigZag - Eric and Chris have used her in their strip/stories, where she is Sabrina's boss. She is the owner of ZZ Studios, an adult film studio, where Sabrina works as a webmaster and graphic artist, handling their web page and doing some of their artwork... Sabrina was rather(well, actually very) embarrased when she found out it was an adult film studio... she saw the ad in the newspaper and went there :) ZigZag is a tiger-striped skunkette, her background is rather unknown to people in Sabrina's universe - you can find it at his page though. He is also a fan of Sabrina Online, he's drawn some strips for him self - Sabrina@Algonquin - where she goes to the school he went to :) ZigZag has fans too... and someone created a story for her as well. It can be found at www.zzstudios.com. It is also very good - just as the stories in the FOXX den.

The pages I have here:
Who I am
My programs
My art(well, drawing(s))
My stories
Links to other places
My bookmarks(favourites)

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