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Last update: 17. Jan 2001 (in VB)

I have made lots and lots of programs during the years. Most are just small I-need-to-do-this-right-now programs, but a few are bigger ones, and some(a few) I think are good enough to be distributed. Most of my programs have been made in Pascal (specifically Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0), but I have made some in other languages too. Nowadays I usually use MS Visual Basic (version 5, because I can't make the help system in ver 6 work), except for some kinds of programs. Sometimes I use assembler, too. These are my programs, I've sorted them firstly by which language I used creating them, and then secondly by the time I put them on the net. This latter sorting I did so it will be easy for returning people to find the new ones. At a later time I might set up an alternate, alphabetical listing. Depends on how much use there is for it, and how much time I've got. This page is something I do when I haven't got anything else that I feel like doing first. All the programs I've got here are FreeWare. This means that you can copy them so much you like, give copies to friends and so on, but don't tell them you made it. If you make a program based on one of mine, give me credit. Somewhere. Might as well be hidden in a lot of other credits in a readme or documentation file, but give me credit. I would like to hear about it too, see that someone actually had a use for any of this... But if you really haven't got time I suppose there's no way of forcing you, so I won't require it.

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