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Last update:Aug 23. 2000

Sabrina Mustelidae and her friends/fans/friends' fans/aquaintances(spelling?)
or said simpler:pages having to do with people in/from Sabrina's universe

Sabrina Online - I just LOVE this strip! (It is (supposedly) moving, to www.sabrina-online.com)
The FOXX Den - The home of Chris Foxx/Yost, the guy who wrote the following two GREAT stories:
Sabrina Online the Story
The Bolt Hole - Max Blackrabbit's page (the guy who created ZigZag)
Sabrina@Algonquin - Where Sabrina goes to the same school Max Blackrabbit did
ZigZag's profile - Background etcetera
ZZ Studios - ZigZag's story has its place here. "Because even bad girls need good stories". Well, the story is good...
Comic strips

User Friendly the Comic Strip - this is a nice, daily comic strip... about the ppl at an ISP and more...

Kevin and Kell - I've heard that this was the first online comic strip - it's about a rabbit and a wolf, married... IMO it's kinda good...

Freefall - another nice strip...

General Protection Fault - about the geeks(and others) that work at this software company called GPF Software...

Ozy and Millie on the Web Ozymandias and Millicent(called Ozy and Millie) are two fox kids that became friends when they met at school. They both have single parents, Millie a mom, and Ozy a father, who happens to be a dragon... This is about what happens in their life... rather funny, really...

Story pages

Winds of Change archive Archive page over the Winds of Change stories... This is one of the first pages I found when looking for stories to read. The WoC universe has several good stories, including several not from the original author. He is writing more in it all the time though, he has a couple of round robins going on with some other writers, writing in this universe. Here, people was not originally furries, then one day...

Mia's Main Index (of anthro stories) A HUGE collection of anthropomorphic stories. Not all of them can really be found, but then it (usually) says so(and a reason), and there are still tons left that do work. This is where I usually go to find stories(when I'm out of comic strips...)

The Chakat's Den - anthropomorphic (furry) stories and art. Got some stories and info about chakats, a race of feline hermaphrodite centaur-like people, that were created by humans. Good stories... Interesting species, really...

Other pages

SETI@Home - Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence at home
SETI is a project that looks for radio transmissions from other planets - but that requires a lot of processing power, which the SETI@Home project doesn't have the money to get. Therefore, they have made this client that you can run in the background, using your otherwise wasted computer cycles, to process it for them!
I like this project - I want to know if there are others out there... :)
www.freegames.org - a site full of free games(freeware), they've got over 550 ALL FREE games(and no nag screens neither)

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