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Last updated 25. March 2001 (creation)

These are the stories I have written. There might be material you will find offensive here, but it's not that likely unless you are a very easily offended person. If you are, I recommend you go somewhere else. You are hereby warned. Proceed(to read) at your own risk(whatever risk that may be). OK, that being said, on to the interesting stuff.

The Change This is a story I wrote on a test in Norwegian(my mother's tongue), translated to English quite some time later. It is set in the Winds of Change universe, although my teacher didn't know that. :) It got me a 4 (grading is 0-6, 0 only when no answer), but several errors and no headline(I didn't have a title for it at that time) might have had something to do with that. I've incorporated my teacher's corrections here. It's rather short, but I'm not really a good writer, and didn't have very much time to do it in either. I can think of several improvements to it, but this is the original, unmodified version(except for being translated). If you want, you can read the original Norwegian version here. The task read "Look at the picture and let yourself be inspired to write a story." and there were 2 pictures to choose from. You can see the one I chose here.

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