The Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Game

Latest update: 28. April 2002, 20:38 (CET)

This is a game that Kaelic came up with the initial idea for, then mentioned it to us, and then we started discussing it... More people came into the discussion, and the most lively so far - as far as I've noticed - has been Kaelic, Sotek and EdorFaus(that's me). Others have also contributed. Read the logs for details.

This is just a small place for the logs of the discussions we've had thus far, with intentions for us to be able to post notes and ideas in the future. These logs are from an IRC channel that we met up in, which is intended for players of another game(Stars!), so other people pipe up now and then, and we may reference things in it.

We still haven't come up with a name for it(as far as I know), but we should soon. This page's URL will probably change to reflect this - notice will be stuck here for a while, after that check my main page for the URL.
There have been a few suggestions, one of which was Strategy Of Astronomical Politics - which gave Kaelic an idea, which I realized in 3D, and animated a little. It is 6 seconds long, and the 438kB DivX-encoded .avi can be found here.

A list of available logs can be found here.

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